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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tonneau covers?

Some highly rated tonneau truck covers are the RollBAK Tonneau Cover, an aluminum panel roll-top truck cover, the TonnoPro TonnoFold Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, which folds back for truck bed access, and the TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, a vinyl cover that rolls up.

What to put on tonneau cover?

Spray an ideal amount of the vinyl cleaner on the cloth then rub the cover using the microfiber brush or cloth. Try wiping in circular patterns for each spray until you are done then leave the cover to dry out in the shade. Further, consider using a tonneau cover protector spray on the soft types of tonneau covers to revive their original glamour.

Can you add a tonneau cover on a leased truck?

Can I add a Tonneau cover to a leased Pickup Truck. Very simply the answer is yes. You can add a tonneau cover to lease. The leasing company will gladly be ok with you leaving a tonneau cover on the pickup truck upon the lease end.

What is a tonneau cover?

A tonneau is a truck bed cover for your pickup truck that sits over the bed, usually mounted either to the sides of the bed. There are a variety of styles both hard and soft truck bed covers available.

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