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Frequently Asked Questions

How do counters work in ikoria?

Ikoria introduces keyword counters. Just as a +1/+1 counter gives the creature it's on +1/+1, these keyword counters give the permanent they're on the listed ability. This allows some spells and abilities to have a little more staying power. For your convenience, we've made punch-out counters to easily track which creature has which ability.

What do you get with ikoria cards?

Along with all of the awesome cards of Ikoria and their foil versions, you can get showcase mutate cards, borderless planeswalkers and borderless Triomes in both foil and non-foil. In Japanese-language packs, you can also get 18 of the Godzilla Series Monster cards in foil and non-foil.

Are ikoria commander cards standard legal?

Even though the cards debuting in Ikoria Commander aren't Standard-legal, we wanted to give another way to obtain these cards. Instead of an extra foil common or uncommon, the Ikoria Commander card slot offers each one of the new cards in a non-foil treatment.

What is ikoria lair of behemoths?

With Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, we visit a world dominated by monsters. All aspects of the world are focused on what it means to have monsters being the key lifeforce in the setting.

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