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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are history trivia questions always more interesting?

History trivia questions are always more interesting, because you’re left with a sense of discovery that actually means something. This isn’t like music trivia questions or Halloween trivia questions. This knowledge is actually important and meaningful. Of course, American history trivia questions can still be lots of fun.

Did you know these 3 fun American history trivia?

Here are 3 fun American history trivia: 10. What was the original name of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Martin Luther King Jr. actually changed his name from Michael to Martin after his father did the same. His father changed his name to Martin in order to honor the great theologian and Protestant leader, Martin Luther. 11.

What are the best American history questions and answers?

33 Best American History Trivia Questions And Answers 1. When was America discovered? Show Answer 2. In the United States, what is Marine One? Show Answer 3. Which President was the first to be televised? Show Answer Answer F D Roosevelt More Information Aside from being the... 4. In 1951, what was ...

How many facts do you know about American history?

Here are 3 easy American history trivia: 13. Before America was apparently discovered by Columbus who lived there? Native Americans first arrived in North America either by walking over the Bering Strait (which was frozen at the time) or using watercraft to move down along the coast from Alaska.

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