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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TiVo the same as DVR?

TiVo was created to enable users download their favorite TV shows and not to worry over the use of a VCR. On the other hand, DVR functions in the same way as TiVo, the only distinctive feature about it is that it is an inbuilt device that comes along with customers’ receiver.

Which TiVo should I buy?

TiVo Roamio Series 5. TiVo Brand DVR - Series5 TiVo Roamio Pro/Plus with Lifetime Subscription TiVo Series5 Roamio Pro/Plus Model TCD848000/TCD840300. Works with digital cable only and requires one CableCARD (from your cable company). Records up to 6 shows simultaneously. Comes with a 1TB internal drive for up to 150 hours of high definition.

Is TiVo worth it?

When done that way, TiVo is completely worth it. Check out the ebay codes. Yes its worth it if you keep the unit over 3 years and in the end you can still sell it for a good bit if you change your mind. Just TiVo'ing..... As.stated.already, if you are looking for moral support against TiVo, this won't be the place to find it.

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