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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knock Knock who's there?

It spread to England when a radio performer, Wee Georgie Wood, began using “knock knock, who’s there?” as his catchphrase. But he didn’t actually use the joke format in his shows.

What is the Knock Knock craze?

“Knock, knock, knock! Who’s there, i’ th’ name of Belzebub?” The porter says and opens the doors to Macduff, who then goes on to discover the body of the murdered king. In August, 1936 the entertainment magazine, Variety, reported that there was a new craze going viral in America – the “knock knock” craze.

How do kids respond to “knock knock” jokes?

“Knock knock” jokes are the first jokes kids respond to and laugh at as their reasoning faculties begin to develop. The linguistic trick clicks in and they laugh. The ability to appreciate those jokes is probably the first sign of the sense of humour to come. And so responding to such silly jokes as “knock knock; who’s there?

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