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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tinderbox kitchen in Flagstaff open?

"Tinderbox Kitchen is open again and strives to bring you the best and safest dining experience in Flagstaff with an entirely new look, menu and level of service. We have limited the numer of diners, have strong safety protocols in place and encourage you all to head to ww…" Do you still have a tasting menu?

What is Tinderbox kitchen?

Tinderbox Kitchen is fine dining in Armani or jeans. With painstakingly honed entrees, over 100 wine options, and an expert staff to make sure you pair them right, Tinderbox is an experience you won't find anywhere else.

Who is the owner of Tinderbox?

Tinderbox Restaurant was the first elevated-cuisine restaurant on the south side of downtown Flagstaff. Owner Kevin Heinonen has received multiple accolades for his renovation of Tinderbox and companion restaurant concepts The Annex Cocktail Lounge and Tourist Home.

How much would you expect to spend at a tinderbox dinner?

Tinderbox is a chef driven restaurant, that you need to experience with pace and all the courses. The broccolini app was mouthwatering. The halibut dinner was perfectly cooked, slight brown crisp, cooked thru but moist. And the donut dessert was so fun! Expect to spend... $55+ per person for the 3 courses, not counting alcohol.

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