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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tinder?

The Best Natural Tinder Dead Grass. As long as the grass is dry and broken off above ground, it can be used as tinder. ... Dried Leaves. Since leaves deal with dampness differently than grass does, dead leaves are the overall better tinder. Pine Needles. ... Weed Tops and Seed Down. ... Fungus. ... Western Red Cedar Bark. ... Birch Bark. ... Dead Wood or Dried Inner Bark. ...

Is Tinder an IMB?

Tinder is a free-to-use program. Simply from that fact alone, it's not qualified to be an IMB . Although, it's a good idea to disclose that you met on Tinder , it's also important for you to inform the USCIS in writing that Tinder is NOT and IMB . I suggest you write that in a statement, sign and date.

Is this the best Tinder profile ever?

If you want to have one of the best Tinder profiles she's ever seen, then: Make sure your humor is appealing. If you're not sure, run it by a friend (preferably one who's a girl). Preview your Tinder bio. You can do this from the "Edit Info" screen. ... Include details about your hobbies and interests. Not only will it make you seem more genuine, but according to a recent survey the majority of daters would prefer to see ...

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