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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use Tinder?

In Tinder, there is no need to pay to create account, view matches and likes upto 5 per day. But you have to subscribe their product to enjoy more options like to view super like, boost your account to reach more, instagram photo sharing, creating account using social media account, etc... To know more, Tinder clone.

How do you log in on Tinder?

Log into Tinder through Bluestacks. Link it to your real or your new fake Facebook account. Allow Tinder to verify using your number. The number will not be put online. Hit request code and add the code contained within the SMS and hit Submit code. Click Start Playing to get into Tinder.

Is Tinder a dating website?

Tinder is an amazing online dating application that is made available for the Android and IOS users. It is among the top online dating services that can be found. This App is suitable for making best dates between its users and which even turns into good relationship.

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