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Is thyroiditis the same as hypothyroidism?

Thyroiditis is a general term that refers to “inflammation of the thyroid gland”. Thyroiditis includes a group of individual disorders causing thyroidal inflammation but presenting in different ways. For example, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. Postpartum thyroiditis, which causes temporary thyrotoxicosis (high thyroid hormone levels in the blood) followed by temporary hypothyroidism, is a common cause of thyroid problems after ...

How can you tell if you have autoimmune thyroiditis?

[1] [2] An early sign of the syndrome may be enlargement of the thyroid (called a goiter ), which can potentially interfere with breathing or swallowing. Other signs and symptoms may include tiredness, weight gain, thin and dry hair, joint or muscle pain, constipation, cold intolerance, and/or a slowed heart rate.

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