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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thule?

Thule has given its name to the northernmost United States Air Force airfield, Thule Air Base in northwest Greenland, and to the smaller lobe of Kuiper belt object 486958 Arrokoth, visited by the New Horizons spacecraft.

What is ultultima Thule?

Ultima Thule is the name of a location in the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky, United States.

Is Ireland Thule?

The British surveyor Charles Vallancey (1731–1812) was one of many antiquarians to argue that Ireland was Thule, as he does in his book An essay on the antiquity of the Irish language. Another hypothesis, first proposed by Lennart Meri in 1976, holds that the island of Saaremaa (which is often known by the exonym Osel) in Estonia, could be Thule.

What is it like to live in La Thuile?

As a village, La Thuile is effectively divided into two: a purpose-built lift base with convenient but bland slope-side accommodation, and a more atmospheric old village about 10 minutes walk away, although the free ski bus service means you only have to walk between them if you want to.

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