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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Thomas Welles?

GOVERNOR THOMAS WELLES, the son of ROBERT WELLES and his wife, ALICE (HUNT) WELLES of Stouton, Wichford, Warwickshire, England, married ALICE TOMES in July of 1615 in Long Marston, Gloucestershire, England. He is known for being the fourth Governor of the Colony of Connecticut elected in 1655 and 1658.

Where did Thomas Welles live in Hartford?

Thomas Welles lived in Hartford from 1636 until the time of his second marriage. His house was on the same street as Governors Edward Hopkins,George Wyllys, John Webster, and Thomas H. Seymour, a street that was known as Governor Street until more recent times, when the name was changed to Popieluszko Court.

Where was Sir John Welles born?

Welles was born in Tiddington, Warwickshire, England around 1590, the son of Robert Welles and Alice [maiden name unknown] of Stourton, Whichford, County Warwick, England, born about 1543. He married Alice Tomes on September 28, 1615 at St. Peter's Church, near Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.

When did Thomas Welles arrive in Boston?

Thomas arrived in Boston prior to 9 June 1636, when his deed was witnessed, but was probably not the Thomas Welles who was a passenger onthe Susan and Ellen in 1635 as reported in some sources (that Thomas was probably the Thomas Welles who became a resident of Ipswich,Massachusetts). Thomas is said to have been a secretary to Lord Saye and Sele.

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