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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Thomas and Friends released?

Thomas and Friends is a British children's television series, first broadcast on the ITV network in September 1984. Until season 7, which premiered in 2003, it was named Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Who is the voice of Thomas and friends?

The popular children’s show Thomas and Friends has been voiced by celebrities for many years: Ringo Starr provided the voice of Mr. Conductor from 1985-1991 George Carlin narrated the show and voiced Mr Conductor from 1991-1998 in North America UK narrator Michael Angelis voiced these roles in Great Britain

Who was the creator of Thomas and friends?

Britt Allcroft is a born storyteller and visionary. Her work as the creator of the award-winning series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and Shining Time Station, has enthralled children and their grown-ups. Bringing beloved stories to life for television with off-screen entertainment that compliments and inspires.

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