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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the Lenovo Z60t?

The Z60t upsets the apple cart on several levels. Not only is it the first Thinkpad with a widescreen display, it also forsakes the sharp, angular edges of previous Thinkpads in favour of more sensual curves. It's also the first Thinkpad to be available in a silver chassis -- a fact that may be perceived as blasphemy by IBM purists.

What is the Z60t active protection system?

The Z60t also features IBM's much vaunted Active Protection System. This is essentially a motion sensor that continuously monitors the laptop for falls or sudden shocks, shutting down the hard drive to prevent damage or software crashes.

How secure is the ThinkPad Z60t's fingerprint reader?

Thinkpads are well known for their security features, and the Z60t is no different. It has an integrated fingerprint reader built into the palm rest, and this can be used for logging in and out of Windows. Setting it up is a breeze -- and once you've got it up and running it proves far more convenient than typing a lengthy, secure password.

What is the difference between the Z60t and the T40?

The Z60t is a comparable weight to the T40, it’s about 5.5lbs travel weight, so slightly heavier. The build and quality is the same as the T40 series, it has a newer SATA hard drive, but right now that means no 7200RPM hard drives are available to configure.

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