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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a word for think about?

Synonyms for think about it include consider it, give it some thought, mull it over, refer to, reflect on it, see and think it over. Find more similar words at!

What are the ways of thinking?

Ways of thinking are mindsets and approaches that individuals use to form ideas, opinions, decisions and actions. These can be adopted naturally as part of the character and tendencies of an individual. Ways of thinking can also be consciously adopted over time or temporarily used to solve a particular problem. The following are common ways of ...

What is a synonym for thinking?

Thesaurus / thinking FEEDBACK thinking See definition of thinking on adj. rational adj. thoughtful adj. pertaining to thought noun thought synonyms for thinking Compare Synonyms reasoning bright intelligent reasonable studious antonyms for thinking MOST RELEVANT brainless dumb irrational stupid unintelligent vacuous

What is another word for "thought through"?

Synonyms for -through include considered, calculated, informed, measured, reasoned, thought-out, aforethought, cogent, contemplated and lucid. Find more ...

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