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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some theories about how the Earth was created?

Theories about the creation of the earth include the theory of special creation, organic evolution and materialistic theory. While special creation believes in the existence of a supreme being who created the earth, organic evolution and materialistic theory believe in the progression of organisms from one state to another.

How was the Earth formed based on theory?

The matter on the outskirts of this nebula was pushed outward into space due to the force of solar winds. This matter aggregated through gravity and coalesced into what are called proto-planets and potential moons. This is how Earth is formed because the third proto-planet from the Sun was Earth.

How was the Earth created according to evolution?

According to the theory of evolution, earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. Its atmosphere probably contained little free oxygen, but a lot of water vapor and other gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and was extremely hot. ... By 3.9 billion years ago, earth cooled enough for water vapor to condense, allowing millions of years of rain that formed earth's oceans.

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