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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are win themes in an RFP?

Effective win themes address something the customer really cares about. That “something” may or may not be mentioned in the RFP. For example, in an RFP concerning the development of an enterprise software application, the required functionality is probably stated.

What is a theme in a proposal?

A proposal theme is most commonly defined as a "central idea (feature and benefit) that is supported or proved". Most proposal experts generally agree that themes and supporting discriminators are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to distinguish your proposal from the competition (other than price).

What is the meaning of RFP in business?

So, what is the meaning of RFP? RFP is an acronym that stands for request for proposal. In business, an RFP is defined as a formal document that outlines an organization’s intent to purchase a good or service. The buyer issues the RFP to provide background information to potential vendors and invite them to submit a proposal to meet the need.

What is the role of proposal features and benefits?

The development of proposal features and benefits is a key part of solution development and the critical first step in developing proposal themes.

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