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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the pear tree symbolize in their eyes were watching God?

The pear tree in Zora Neale Hurston's novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, is more than just a normal fruit-bearing tree. It is a symbol for the passion that the protagonist, Janie, experiences as she grows through her relationships with different men during this story. In this lesson, we will find out what Janie has to say about the pear tree.

What does their eyes were watching God symbolize?

Their Eyes Were Watching God Symbols. Janie invokes the symbol of the horizon repeatedly throughout the novel; to Janie, the horizon symbolizes the realm of the possible, that which she can dream about. Janie has her first experience of sexual awakening under the blooming pear tree in spring, just before her first kiss with Johnny Taylor.

Who does Janie Crawford kiss in their eyes were watching God?

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, each of the men with whom Janie Crawford becomes involved is related to the pear tree, which she views as having erotic interactions with bees. Her first kiss is at sixteen years of age with Johnny Taylor.

What does the Bee on the Blossom of the pear tree mean?

The bee on the blossom of the pear tree is symbolizing a dependent and mutual relationship, in which throughout the text we learn Janie's true desire is to be treated and loved equally by her partner. Neale Hurston includes this to show what Janie truly desires in her newly discovered love life.

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