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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘the undoing’ on HBO about?

‘The Undoing’ Review: Murder, Actually David E. Kelley’s mini-series for HBO pairs Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in a Manhattan mystery that critiques the privilege conferred by a certain brand of devilish charm. Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman play a couple in crisis in HBO’s “The Undoing,” created by David E. Kelley.

What happened in the undoing finale?

The Undoing finale picks up where the penultimate episode left off. Grace discovers the sculpting hammer, and Henry wakes up. He tells her that he found it in the outdoor fireplace at the beach house just after they got there. She demands to know why he didn’t tell her. “Because he killed her,” Henry says to Grace.

Is the undoing a good show to watch?

While The Undoing strings together just enough surprises to keep viewers interested episode-to-episode, its writing and direction are both muddled, making for an occasionally unpleasant viewing experience. Apr 19, 2021 | Full Review…

Is the undoing (2021) a good movie?

The Undoing is a beautifully shot mystery that benefits greatly from Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant's performances - if only its story was as strong as its star power. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher.

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