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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to 'the Sundowners'?

“The Sundowners” was a box office hit with a notable cast, distinguished director and eight Academy Award nominations, but despite all that it seems to have been somewhat forgotten over the years. It’s not a film you find anyone mentioning anymore.

Is “the Sundowners” (2018) a good movie?

“The Sundowners” seems almost like a vacation for him from his usual fare. Still, he brought to it his well-known attention to detail, strong visuals and his ability to draw fine performances from his actors. This film may be on the lighter side but it is not trivial.

What is it like being a sundowner?

As sundowners, they are drovers, who demonstrate there is more to love and freedom besides possessions, especially when life is not always fair. This is a marvelous movie, and brought back a lot of good memories of my experiences with Australians.

Is 'the Sundowners' based on a true story?

“The Sundowners” is an episodic film, true to life in its way, just following the Carmodys as they go here, then there. It’s true that with this structure, any number of episodes could be cut without losing any plot points, and apparently that would have pleased some people, though viewers overall rate the film highly.

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