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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the director of the Sundowners 1950?

The Sundowners is a 1950 American Technicolor Western film directed by George Templeton.

What genre is the movie The Sundowners?

The screenplay was adapted by Isobel Lennart from Jon Cleary 's novel of the same name; it was produced and directed by Fred Zinnemann. It falls into the Australian meat pie Western genre. At the 33rd Academy Awards, The Sundowners was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Deborah Kerr),...

What is the setting of the Sundowners?

The Sundowners (1960) In Australia's Outback during the early twentieth century, the impoverished Carmody family lives a nomadic life out of their wagon, but the mom and son want to settle, while the dad is against it.

Why did fredfred Zinnemann make the Sundowners?

Fred Zinnemann decided to make the film at the suggestion of Dorothy Hammerstein, Australian-born second wife of Oscar Hammerstein II. She intended to send him a copy of the novel The Shiralee (later filmed with Peter Finch ), but accidentally sent a copy of The Sundowners instead.

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