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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the sun just an ordinary star?

The Sun is a very ordinary star, similar to billions of others scattered across the Milky Way. An island of stars in space, the disc-shaped Milky Way is a galaxy so broad that light takes 100,000 years to cross it.

Is the Sun a typical star?

The Sun is often said to be an ``average'' or ``typical'' middle-aged star. What is ``average'' depends on how you choose your sample! Compared to the nearby stars, the Sun is luminous, hot, and big. Compared to the apparently bright stars, the Sun is dim, cool, and small.

Is the Sun a medium or small star?

The sun is a star of about medium size. The sun appears larger than the other stars because it is the nearest star to the earth. The mean distance is around 93,000,000 miles or 150,000,000 kilometers. This number is also the astronomical unit (A.U.) of distance used for measuring distances within the solar system.

Is the Sun the hottest star in the Galaxy?

One of the hottest stars in the galaxy has been discovered by astronomers. The dying star at the centre of the Bug Nebula is 35 times hotter than the sun with a surface temperature of 200,000 degrees.

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