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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Book 4 of Plato's Republic?

Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe provides an in-depth summary and analysis of Book 4 of Plato's philosophical text The Republic. In the opening section of Book 4 Adeimantus raises the objection Socrates seems to have outlined a miserable, unenviable existence for the guardians of the ideal state.

What does Plato say at the end of Book 4?

At the end of Book IV, Plato tries to show that individual justice mirrors political justice. He claims that the soul of every individual has a three part structure analagous to the three classes of a society.

What does the Republic reflect in Plato's dialogues?

As do other dialogues from Plato’s middle period, and unlike his early or Socratic dialogues, the Republic reflects the positive views of Plato himself rather than the generally skeptical stance of the historical Socrates, who had been Plato’s teacher. (“Socrates” is the main character in most of Plato’s dialogues.)

What is the significance of Book 4?

Book 4 marks an important point in the complex structure of the Republic as a whole. It is at the end of Book 4 a number of strands in the argument finally come together to produce a definition of justice, which was Socrates 's quest from the very beginning of the dialogue.

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