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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the peasant & the pear in Danville?

Discover downtown Danville's hidden gem! The Peasant & The Pear, located along a brick pathway behind the Danville Clock Tower, owes its name to its rustic cuisine, and to its location in the agricultural region that once housed the world's largest pear orchard.

Who owns the peasant & the pear?

The Peasant & The Pear, Chef Rodney Worth’s first “jewel” in his crown, is the first of many successful award-winning restaurants owned and operated by Chef Rodney. Considered the flagship restaurant within the Worth Group, Chef Worth prides himself on serving classic “peasant cuisine” at this historic downtown Danville location.

Where to park at the peasant and the pear?

The Peasant and The Pear can be a little tricky to find. If you exit I-680 on Diablo Road and go straight across Hartz Avenue (which is not what your GPS will tell you), you can drive under the narrow clock tower arch and park... in the lot off Railroad Avenue.

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