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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Mursi tribe?

The Mursi Tribe are found in the far southwest corner of Ethiopia, just north of the Kenyan border in the valley of the River Omo. Here in the remote Omo Valley palaeontologists have discovered some of the oldest human remains on earth and the tribes who live there today still follow many ancient practises.

What was the dispute between the Mursi and Omo National Park?

Land Disputes With the establishment of the Omo National Park, the Mursi lost parts of their land area to the park. There were several disputes between the park authorities and the Mursi over ownership of parts of forest land that was previously used by the Mursi for cattle grazing.

What is the role of women in the Mursi tribe?

Mursi men undergo several stages of training and education throughout their childhood and youth to become responsible members of the tribe. Women are involved in house work and expected to play the role of a perfect wife and mother. 3. Language, Music, Cuisine, and the Arts

Where did the Mursi bring the cattle?

In this story it is said that in the past the Mursi lived at Dirka and brought the cattle to drink from a nearby spring; every day, while all the other cattle were drinking, two bulls disappeared and reappeared at the end of the day.

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