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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cleanpower 2022?

American Clean Power is hosting CLEANPOWER 2022 Conference & Exhibition from 16-18 May 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. CLEANPOWER 2022 is the renewable energy industry’s premier event, bringing together policy leaders, industry experts, and major players together for a week of learning, networking, and innovation.

What is Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference?

This is where the energy transition takes place. Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is where the energy transition takes place. It is Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore energy industry and an opportunity to reach business leaders, highly qualified experts and professionals across global markets.

What is the DOE Solar Prize?

DOE awarded $500,000 each to two teams in the hardware track, $200,000 each to two teams in the software track, and $100,000 to a software team for expanding solar access to underserved communities. The winners of the Solar Prize Round 5 receive their awards on the stage at the RE+ conference.

Is there a demand for exhibit space at re+ 23?

Demand is high for exhibit space at RE+ 23. We are currently working to open up extra space, and we appreciate your patience as we build out additional exhibit opportunities. We hope to make an announcement and re-open booth selection early in the new year. Community Solar Power Summit 2023 Announcement!

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