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Frequently Asked Questions

What does reasonable suspicion stand for?

The term reasonable suspicion refers to a standard by which police officers are judged to have authority to briefly detain a person. Reasonable suspicion is a less strict standard then probable cause, but has very limited applications. To explore this concept, consider the following reasonable suspicion definition.

What is probable cause in Texas?

The term “Probable Cause Hearing” can refer to two different types of hearings. Under Texas law, if a police officer arrests someone without a warrant, a probable cause hearing must be held within 48 hours of the arrest. During this hearing the judge will decide whether probable cause exists to support the arrest.

What is the definition of probable cause in Texas?

This means that in Texas, any law enforcement agent, deputy sheriff, or police officer must have a legal basis defined as “probable cause” before he or she can (1) arrest anyone, or conduct any kind of (2) search or (3) seizure. However, neither constitution defines exactly what “probable cause” means.

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