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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you describe terrain?

Terrain is a derivative of the word "terra" meaning earth. It refers to the horizontal and vertical versions of the land surface . To describe the terrain of the land, one uses factors such as the slope, elevation, and orientation of the land. The terrain of land affects the flow and distribution of water.

What are the three types of terrain?

There are three types of deserts—mountain, rocky plateau, and sandy or dune deserts. All types of forces can be deployed in the desert. Armor and mechanized infantry forces are especially suitable to desert combat except in rough mountainous terrain where light infantry may be required.

What are some types of terrain?

Types of Terrain. Most arid areas have several types of terrain.The five basic desert terrain types are: mountainous (high altitude) rocky plateau sand dunes salt marshes broken, dissected terrain ("gebel"or "wadi")

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