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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tennis tournament planner?

Tennis Tournament Planner is a neat software solution designed to help you plan and organize tennis tournaments by scheduling game dates or managing the courts using all sort of features.

What is tournament TV?

Tournament TV is the perfect addition to our planner software. Tournament TV informs players & spectators about draws, matches and results. It can also be used to display sponsors, custom messages and photos. Tournament TV is the way to go if you want to professionalize your tournament.

How do I prepare a tournament schedule?

If you are running a large tournament you can prepare the schedule in a copy of the tournament file. To do this you have to create a backup of the tournament and restore this backup on a second laptop. In the backup tournament you can prepare the new schedule. When you are done you can import the new schedule in the original tournament file.

How to create a tournament name in the application?

The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to create a new document in which you can record matches. Now you can enter a tournament name, which will be printed on all documents and used on the Internet.

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