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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can own property in severalty?

Can Corporations Own a Property in Severalty? Yes, just like individuals, corporations can also have ownership in severalty. This would mean that the corporation is the sole owner of the property. This is common in many owner occupied and real estate investment properties where one entity owns 100% of the property in question.

What is the meaning of ownership in severalty?

Ownership in severalty occurs when the property is owned by one individual, corporation, or other entity. The term comes from the fact that a sole owner is severed or cut off any right to ownership from other owners. What does ‘property owned in severalty’ mean? Ownership in severalty means one person owns the property.

How is tenancy in common established?

Tenancy in common is the most popular subcategory of concurrent estate. It's a way for multiple parties to own separate interests in a piece of real property. Tenants in common can be established by a deed or a will. Or, multiple parties can all agree on co-ownership and go into a deal together and all be responsible for part of a mortgage.

Is community property with rights considered tenancy?

Thus community property can be unlike joint tenancy where neither spouse cannot bestow their share to anyone other than their spouse. Like joint tenancy, if the interest of the deceased spouses automatically vests to the remaining spouse, then no probate is necessary.

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