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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of tenancy in common?

Tenancy-in-common is a form of co-ownership that allows multiple parties to own shares in a property. As an example, John and Jane buy a house for $400,000. Jane pays $300,000 and John pays $100,000. The tenancy-in-common agreement would state that Jane owns a 75 percent share and John owns a 25 percent share in the property.

What does it mean to be 'tenants in common'?

Advantages of tenants in commonLegally your share of the property is yours and no one else’sYou can protect your share of the property if anything goes wrongSecurity that you have the choice in who inherits your shareYou can sell your share of the property without consent from anyone else (but not the whole property).

What is the difference between joint tenants and tenants in common?

What is the difference between joint tenants and tenants in common?You both have equal rights to the whole propertyFull beneficial ownership goes to the other owner if one of the joint tenants dies. You cannot leave your ownership of the property to anyone else in your will.If you survive your partner, you inherit full ownership, which you can bequeath as you choose.

What does tenants in common mean relating to real estate?

Tenants in Common is a term used to describe one way that multiple people can own real estate together. It is often abbreviated as TIC. When a property is held as tenants in common, it means that when one of the owners passes away, that owner’s interest in the property goes into that person’s estate.

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