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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about tenancy by the entirety?

Elements Of Tenancy By Entirety OwnershipUnity of time: The couple must take ownership of the property at the same time.Unity of marriage: The couple must be legally married. ...Unity of title: The couple must get the title by the same deed.Unity of interest: The couple must have equal interest in the property.More items...

How does tenancy by the entireties protect you?

Though tenancy by the entireties is a form of asset protection, it has its limitations:Paperwork errors – It’s important that you and your spouse clearly assert your desire to title your assets in this manner. ...Joint debtors – If both you and your spouse are in debt on a loan together, no protection exists against your mutual creditor.Death of a spouse – The protections don’t survive death.More items...

What does surviving tenant by the entirety mean?

Tenancy by the entirety, commonly abbreviated as TBE, is an ownership structure for real estate that's used when the owners are a married couple. Under a TBE arrangement, each spouse owns an equal interest in the property, and the property will transfer seamlessly to the surviving spouse, in the event of one spouse's death.

Does Texas recognize tenancy by the entirety?

Texas no longer recognizes tenancy by the entirety -- a provision in a document purporting to grant a husband and wife a tenancy by the entirety will not be enforced, and the property will be treated as community property.

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