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Frequently Asked Questions

What do teachers really think of the Common Core?

Most teachers are partial to the Common Core math standards, but they don't think all of their students and their parents are. Teachers believe the standards will both improve their own content knowledge and enhance students' math skills, prepare them to succeed in college, and bolster their ability to compete in a global economy .

What is the purpose of Common Core?

The Real Purpose of Common Core. Common Core was not created to provide hard and definite methods to solve math problems. It was created to help students develop a more accurate perception of numbers and show students how numbers can be bent and manipulated to achieve a specific goal.

How does ASCD support the Common Core?

ASCD created the EduCore digital tool as a repository of evidence-based strategies, videos, and supporting documents to help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards in both mathematics and English language arts and literacy for the secondary grades.

What is the common core of teaching?

Teaching is the Core: Successful Common Core Implementation Across New York State. Across New York State, district administrators, principals, teachers, and BOCES are working hard to implement Common Core standards and instruction into their classrooms and schools. Their hard work is paying off and positively impacting all students.

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