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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase cards on tcgplayer buylist?

If you have either a Pro Seller account, or if you're enrolled in Direct, congratulations! You’re eligible to purchase cards from players using the TCGplayer Buylist. This will help you get the exact cards you want at the exact price you’re willing to pay. First, navigate to the TCGplayer Buylist tab in your Seller Portal.

What is tcgplayer trade-in?

TCGplayer Trade-In (formerly known as the TCGplayer Buylist) is the fastest way to get cash for cards with no need to create individual listings or set specific prices. Make sure you check out the following videos to get a better idea of how the process works from start to finish:

How does direct by tcgplayer work?

Direct by TCGplayer - you sell it, we ship it. Streamline your online sales by shipping your products to TCGplayer after they sell. Reduce your labor by shipping your products to TCGplayer before they sell. Replenish your inventory with Buylist and access products from millions of vendors. We’ll handle every aspect of your online orders.

How do I set up a buylist account?

First, navigate to the TCGplayer Buylist tab in your Seller Portal. You'll see a prompt to opt into the Buylist program, along with the opportunity to review Buylist documentation and our Terms of Service. Once you've opted in, set up your withholdings (the amount of money from your TCGplayer account that you want to reserve for Buylist purchases).

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