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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with WebAdvisor and TCC?

Setting up your WebAdvisor and TCC email account Assistance with career exploration information related to your interests and aptitudes (MyPlan, Career Coach) An online academic advisor identifies online resources and tools to help you make your way through the college maze and get another step closer to your goals.

What is it like to go to TCC?

As far as community colleges go, TCC is a great choice. The campuses are well-tended. There are many spectacular professors who love to teach. The school offers numerous resources for student support and augmentation of educational experiences. Great School To start your Career!

What is counselling counselling at TCC?

Counselors are available on all TCC campuses to provide confidential assistance if you're experiencing personal concerns such as anxiety, depression, or other issues. How do I get started?

What are academic advisors and career and technical advisors?

There are Academic Advisors and Career and Technical Advisors (known as CTE Advisors). The CTE Advisors advise students in all aspects of Career Education for certificates and specialized degree programs (such as Nursing, Culinary Arts, GIS, Dietetics, Automotive Technology).

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