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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I attach 1099 to the tax return?

No - you do not need to attach any 1099s forms to your tax return unless the IRS asked you to do so. The payer who issued any 1099 form is required to send copies to you and to the IRS - so by the time you file the tax return the IRS normally already have all information from 1099s forms.

Is 1099 a tax deduction for a company?

A 1099 is a type of income tax form used in the US for unincorporated businesses and individuals who are self-employed. Taking deductions from a 1099 can help reduce tax burdens and even sometimes lead to a tax return. There are several different types of 1099 deductions,...

Will I receive a 1099 tax form?

Typically, you'll receive a 1099 because you earned some form of income from a non-employer source. You may begin to receive these documents as a result of your investment strategies, retirement distributions, side hustle work or due to any number of financial transactions.

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