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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good effective tax rate?

The answer: 0.25, or 25 percent. Therefore, the effective tax rate is 25 percent, which essentially means that they paid 25 percent of their income in taxes. What is marginal tax rate?

What is the highest tax rate?

Factoring the combination of state and average local sales tax, the top five highest total sales tax states as ranked by the Tax Foundation for 2020 are: Tennessee 9.55% Arkansas 9.53% Louisiana 9.52% Washington 9.23% Alabama 9.22%

What's the difference between a tax rate and a tax bracket?

The main difference is that a tax bracket is a range of income to which a specific tax rate applies, while your effective tax rate is the percentage of your income that you actually pay in tax. Put another way, not every dollar is taxed at the same rate. Your tax bracket shows the rate of tax on the last dollar you made during the tax year.

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