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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Taurus project?

Initiated in 1983, the Taurus project was to replace the archaic manual based system with a modern high-speed and efficient computerized one.

What is Tauros?

The Tauros Programme started as an initiative of the Taurus foundation ( Stichting Taurus ), a private Dutch organization using feral cattle and horses in nature management and natural grazing schemes.

What breeds are used in TaurOs Project?

Main breeds used in TaurOs Project. Upper row from left to right: Limia, Maremmana primitivo, Maronesa. Lower row: Podolica, Sayaguesa, Pajuna. Down below, the phenotypic and ecologic breeding target, the Aurochs.

Who is Taurus Energy?

Part of a global group of energy and petrochemical supply companies. All Star, have one of the largest selections of new & used RVs in Alberta. Taurus has supported some of the largest industrial construction projects in Western Canada from its inception in 2006.

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