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Frequently Asked Questions

Does District Court have appellate jurisdiction?

Notice that the federal district courts serve as both trial courts and appellate courts. As we've discussed, district courts have original jurisdiction in cases involving federal law. However, district courts also have appellate jurisdiction to hear appeals from state supreme courts when those appeals involve constitutional questions.

Do district court rulings apply to other districts?

the U.S. district courts within the Ninth Circuit, but not federal courts in any other circuit. However, a district court or trial court decision would not bind higher courts. A decision by a state’s highest court is binding on all appeals courts and trial courts in that state, but not on state

What is magistrate in Tarrant County, Texas?

The Magistrate may also issue and enforce bond conditions. A defendant is considered to be a person charged with a crime. The Magistrate Court does not determine guilt or innocence in criminal cases.

Is Family Court different from District Court?

Yes. Family Courts deal with Family Matters, and District courts deal with Civil and Criminal matters. However, a Family Court has the same jurisdiction as a District Court, and all appeals go to the High Court and later on to the Supreme Court in both cases.

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