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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tarrant County court system?

(3) The Tarrant County Court system is comprised of Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Family Courts, Juvenile Court, Probate Courts and the Justices of the Peace. The Tarrant County Courts are housed in the Tarrant County Courthouse, the Tim Curry Justice Center, Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building and the Family Courts Center.

Is there a 'historic winter storm' in Tarrant County?

FORT WORTH, Texas — Late in the afternoon on Friday, an email was sent to Tarrant County district clerk staff warning of a “historic winter storm.” District Clerk Tom Wilder encouraged his county employees to “stay on flat surfaces” and “allow extra time” to commute.

Why did Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley sign a disaster declaration?

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley signed a declaration of local disaster following torrential rainfall and flooding on August 22. (1) Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley signed a disaster declaration due to the threat of wildfires. The judge has the power to issue a declaration “if the threat of disaster is imminent.” (2)

Is Tarrant County's inclement weather policy causing Gerred's death?

As the close-knit Tarrant County legal community grapples with her loss, many are blaming what they characterize as the county’s draconian inclement weather policy for Gerred’s death.

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