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Frequently Asked Questions

How many county court records are there in Tarrant County?

Visit any of the County Clerk Offices to inquire about County Court records: Tarrant County has 26 District Courts, five Criminal District Courts, one Constitutional County Court, 15 County Courts at Law, three Statutory Probate Courts, nine Justice Courts, and 35 Municipal Courts.

Who administers Tarrant County arrest records?

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency that administers Tarrant arrest records. Persons interested in getting arrest records should query the Sheriff’s Office at: The Texas Department for Public Safety (DPS) publishes county-wide crime statistics of all counties in Texas annually.

How much does a marriage record cost in Tarrant County?

The Tarrant County Clerk files and issues marriage records in the county. Marriage records can be purchased in person at any of the Clerk Office locations or by mail. A marriage record costs $21 for the first copy, and $10 for each additional copy requested at the same time.

Who is the custodian of Tarrant County birth and Death Records?

The Tarrant County Clerk is the primary custodian of Tarrant County birth, death, and marriage records. The Vital Statistics Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) issues records of births and deaths, as well as marriage and divorce verification letters in the state.

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