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Frequently Asked Questions

How serious is tapeworm in a dog?

The reality is that tapeworms don’t typically cause any serious health issues in a dog. Part of the reason for this is due to how a tapeworm is designed. A tapeworm’s body consists of different segments, each of which contains its own set of reproductive organs.

How can tapeworms affect your dog?

Tapeworms can cause your dog’s rear end to be itchy, and so scooting or dragging the butt along the ground to relieve the irritation is also common, although this symptom may also indicate an impaction of the anal glands.

What does a tapeworm in dog poop look like?

What do worms look like in dogs poop? However, they can actually be any color between brown and white. It is more common to see tapeworm segments (called proglottids) than entire worms. These dog “worms” usually look like rice. Tapeworms shed these segments regularly as part of the reproductive process.

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