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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tap Plastics?

TAP Acrylic Cement Carbon Fiber LED Light Panel Sheet TAP Plastics is the ultimate destination for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy home improvement projects.

What are opop3 acrylic sheets?

OP3 acrylic sheets are typically clear or tinted frame-grade acrylic sheets that provide 98 percent UV protection. This UV protection is not a coating, either – it’s introduced during the acrylic manufacturing process.

What is op-3?

Acrylite OP-3 is designed to meet the unique needs of picture framers, museums, and artists. OP-3 protects artwork and documents from harmful ultraviolet light (UV), which is the primary cause of fading and degradation. Since OP-3 is acrylic, it is more evident and more impact resistant than glass and fabricates with the ease of acrylic.

How do I contact Tap Plastics?

Please contact us today with any questions or special requests by calling 888-827-7330 or emailing [email protected] Product ApplicationsAbout TAP PlasticsStore LocationsPrivacy PolicyReturn PolicyCareers © 2021, TAP Plastics, All rights reserved. Terms of Use.| Privacy| 888-827-7330, 209-944-7432 or [email protected] Credits

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