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Frequently Asked Questions

How is naloxone saving lives?

Naloxone, also known by its brand name Narcan, acts to reverse opioid overdoses and save lives when used in time. It is easy to carry and use, and studies have demonstrated that laypeople can ...

Is Narcan and naloxone the same thing?

What’s the difference? Naloxone is the generic name for the opioid overdose reversal (“antidote”) medication. Narcan is one brand name of the prepackaged nasal spray naloxone Suboxone is the brand name for buprenorphine + naloxone (prescribed as Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid use disorder)

How long does it take to flush system of naloxone?

Naloxone hydrochloride is a fast-acting drug that can quickly be removed from the system depending on its type. Naloxone half-life or how long it takes for the concentration of the medicine in the plasma to be reduced by 50% —is in the range of just one to two hours, depending on the method of ingestion.

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