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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tactica defense belly band holster?

The Tactica Defense Belly Band holster consists of an elastic, neoprene band fitted with a molded holster shell. The band is designed to wrap around the midsection and then loop through a strap ring before fastening and securing with a hook and loop.

What is a modular belly band holster?

The band consists of elastic with several Velcro panels for attaching the holster and magazine pouch (optional). The band then wraps around your body, and around the holster a second time to secure it into place. As you could expect from a company like Crossbreed, the Modular Belly Band holster is a step above most other belly bands on the market.

Does Alien Gear have a hard shell belly band holster?

We apologize for the inconvenience. “Does Alien Gear have a hard shell belly band holster?” Well, now we do. Incorporating the same design and ingenuity from our existing holster lines, the new Low-Pro line from Alien Gear begins with our new Belly Band Holster.

Is the low-pro belly band holster good?

The Low-Pro Belly Band Holster is perfect for any outdoor activity and features: Was this review helpful? I really like this product. I really like this product. But. I wish that it was available in more manufacturers- I would definitely buy for HK P30S Was this review helpful? I gave it as a gift and my son loved it!! It is awesome!

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