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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the best table lamp brands?

How do you find the best table lamp brands? A good place to start is by visiting a large online retailer. Search for table lamps. Then, sort your search by the most popular products.

Where to buy cheap lamps?

Yes, Amazon is an amazing resource for not only your books and hard to find beauty products but they have A TON of great and very affordable lighting options. Sure, you have to dig a bit but the reward is lots of savings and 2-day prime delivery.

What is a 3 way table lamp?

A 3-way lamp, also known as a tri-light, is a lamp that uses a 3-way light bulb to produce three levels of light in a low-medium-high configuration. A 3-way lamp requires a 3-way bulb and socket, and a 3-way switch.

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