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Frequently Asked Questions

What is systems mapping?

The systems map that we have co-created is a cluster of islands that has the potential to work as a whole system. As a result of our systems mapping we can start to identify small projects that will hopefully trigger cascades of change.

What is the best way to map a system?

There are many ways to map a system, such as behavior over time graphs, causality maps, and feedback loops. The latter is very popular as a way of explaining how a system works.

What is the system design document (SDD)?

The System Design Document (SDD) is a compendium of three documents, providing a single source for requirements, system design, and data design. The functional and non-functional requirements are drawn from the Information Management Platform for Data Analytics and Aggregation (IMPALA) System Requirements document.

What is the difference between manually mapping and schema mapping?

Manual Data Mapping: It requires IT professionals to hand-code or manually map the data source to the target schema. Schema Mapping: It is a semi-automated data mapping strategy. A data mapping software establishes a relation between a data source and the target schema.

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