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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best synthetic?

Truth be told, they do make one of the best synthetic motor oils that is a safe choice for most car owners. Castrol claims this is the best full synthetic money can buy. The Castrol EDGE is engineered with their titanium technology which physically changes the way the oil behaves at higher pressures.

What is the newest synthetic drug?

Smiles – The Newest Form of ‘Bath Salts’. One of the newest synthetic drugs making headlines is a hallucinogenic drug known as 2C-1, or ‘Smiles.’ This drug is similar to bath salts, which are synthetic forms of cocaine or LSD.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic material?

The difference between natural and synthetic material is that natural materials are those that can be found in nature while synthetic materials are those that are chemically produced in a lab. Note that a natural material that is altered physically is still considered a natural material.

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