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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for help?

Synonyms for HELPS: abets, aids, assists, backs, backstops, props (up), supports, allays; Antonyms for HELPS: hinders, aggravates, exacerbates, worsens Helps: to provide (someone) with what is useful or necessary to achieve an end.

What is a synonym for assistance?

The best 21 synonyms for assistance, including: help, support, aid, compensation, succor, , abetment, hand, the-help, financial aid, assist and more... Find another word for assistance at YourDictionary.

What is the antonym for support?

support | definition: give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to | synonyms: aid, buy at, assist, frequent, boost| antonyms: boycott, near, criticize, unclog, unstuff, advance, derestrict

What is another word for supporter?

synonyms for supporter Compare Synonyms ally defender follower patron proponent support abettor adherent bearer booster brace exponent paraclete pillar seconder suspender sustainer upholder abider See also synonyms for: supporters Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for supporter MOST RELEVANT enemy opponent opposition adversary

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