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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sword in all of history?

number 1 must be salahuddin al ayubi sword..the most sharpest sword in the world..make by the secrect skill at damascus..alluminium are heavy than this sword metal..the intelligent iq Allah give to islam warrior to beat kafir technology in metal..

What does the Sword of the spirit mean?

The weapon given to us here is specifically called the “sword of the Spirit,” and so it describes the relationship of the Spirit and the word of God. This phrase refers to the nature or origin of the sword. This could also be correctly translated as the “sword by the Spirit” or even, “the spiritual sword.”.

What is the Sword of the Lord?

The Sword of the Lord is a Christian fundamentalist, Independent Baptist biweekly newspaper.. The Sword of the Lord is published by Sword of the Lord Ministries, a non-profit organization based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which also publishes religious books, pamphlets, and tracts from a fundamentalist Christian perspective, as Sword of the Lord Publications.

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