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Frequently Asked Questions

Is swelling good or bad?

Answers. Swelling is natural after an event of injury. It is proved by scientists that those who got swelling after the injury have more chances of healing quickly as compared to those who do not have any swelling.Even though it is a good thing, experts say that if the swelling lasts for many days and doesn't show any decrease over...

Why do you get swollen?

Depression and Stress. High stress levels can cause swelling on your taste buds especially when prolonged. Some people suffer from swollen taste buds when stressed. Stress lowers your immunity level and causes hormonal imbalance. Consequently, your body is prone to infections including swollen buds.

What is the definition of swollen?

Definition of 'swollen'. swollen. If a part of your body is swollen, it is larger and rounder than normal, usually as a result of injury or illness. My eyes were so swollen I could hardly see. A swollen river has more water in it and flows faster than normal, usually because of heavy rain.

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